Monday, June 14, 2010

Traditions School

When you are ready to take that first baby step towards learning something new, remember that you need to take "Tier One" first.  Tier One is to introduce the "artist" to paint, pigments, mediums and the history of how it all began, and of course with a little painting fun along the way.

Tier One is not meant to teach painting skills, or how to paint. The Tier Two Core is where it will all happen regarding painting techniques, methods, skills and art theory. This Core is the real "meat" of learning to paint. 27 paintings, 60 lessons....9 teachers and over 150 hrs of video lessons! It's a comprehensive and in depth study in painting.

Join us for this exceptional learning opportunity, and start growing your skills towards artistic independence now.....

See link below to check out the school.


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