Sunday, July 11, 2010

Beautiful Flowers

I recently returned from a trip to Northern California. My "great" granddaughter Bea was my traveling companion. Being only five I expected that this would be a very, very long trip. It was over 10 hours by car. However, Bea is an excellent traveler.We needed to stop for necessities at the same time. Must be the age thing.

Along the way we stopped to take pictures. The Iris is from my daughter Trecy's front yard. The others were taken at various stops. Wanting to see the little town known for it's artists, we took a 22 mile detour to Markleeville. Did I mention the road is affectionally know as "Monitor Pass"? On a good day, which this was, it takes at least 45 minutes to go the 22 miles. Was worth it. Scenary was spectacular! The library in Markleeville was very nice. Has very clean bathrooms. Just saying......

Bea purchased six books. She just loves books. Read to me all the way down the hill.  Anyway here is some flowers.

                                     OK, so I think Weeds need love too!  Have a great day.

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